Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things arent always what they seem

So here I am, pulling into my new place. I park my truck and hop out all excited to check things out. On my way in my building I stop by the dumpster to throw something away. Im on the phone with my friend Tabbi, and Im like, What the hell Tabbi, there's a homeless dude going through my dumpster, thats creepy!!! So the "homeless" dude grabs my bag of trash from me and tosses it into the back of the dumpster while he continues to dig through the rest of the dumpster with his lil claw arm extender thingy. So Im just thinking SUPER my new place is bum heaven and I get to watch people go through the dumpster all the time, just GREAT...

The next day there's a knock on my door, I open it and there stands "homeless" dude, he introduces himself as "Butch the resident old man" he lives two doors down from me, and I was thinking, hey buddy, dont forget to add CREEPY to that description, and what the HELL were you doing in the dumpster... I didnt ask, didnt really want to know and just wanted to close my door. He filled me in on the little detail that my bad doggies were barking all day, oh well.

Fast forward to yesterday, I was busy unloading my trailer and putting some things away in my new place and I am throwing away an absolute TON of stuff in the process, there are just so many things I have moved and moved over the last 10 years that I dont like and I dont use, so I was just tossing anything that fit into that category. So of course here comes Butch, only he's not alone, he has help, a woman in black silk pajamas (and its about 3pm). Butch and his silky pj clad accomplis dig through the dumpster for a while and then I dont see them again... Until Im getting in my truck at about 6pm. PJ lady (yes, shes still wearing them and its 6pm) comes running out of her door and flags me down. She explains that she doesnt want me to think that she is crazy (well a good start would be for you to get the hell out of your pjs before noon lady), and that she and Butch go through the dumpster to find things to donate to the Disabled Veterans Administration. So its good to know that I dont live by a bunch of freaks who did through the trash to find stuff to decorate their place with. Its a great cause, however, I just dont think I could bring myself to dig through the dumpster, but good for Butch and the crazy PJ lady for taking the time to do so.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I am still not ready to completely talk about it, but here it is, the ugly truth, I closed my other blog because my husband cheated on me and left me while I was deployed. He was kind enough to send me an email about it a week before I came home. I still dont think it has really set in, I have spent so much of my time readjusting to just being home, and moving, and going back to work and everything, that I havent dedicated much time to thinking about it. It does catch me off guard every once in a while and it hits me.

I am looking at this as an opportunity. A chance to do things differently the next time. The things that he did to me are unforgivable but I will be fine. I am still me and I still love my life and every part of it. I have amazing friends, a career I love, my horse that I enjoy immensely, and my new found love for crossfit that shows me I stronger than I think I am everyday. I still feel lucky and I dont know that I have ever been happier.

So you will see that my posts will shift a little bit. Obviously I will no longer be writing about my family. At some point I will start dating again (which I am sure will make for some interesting reading) and of course my coworkers always provide me great material.

I am slowly coming back to my blog and I will have some posts up soon.

In other news, proving the theory "ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG WILL", I was in my kitchen last night (first bad move) and got the brilliant idea to cut a ziptie off a knife with another knife. Both knives were brand new, I pick up one knife (of course the bigger, sharper one) and start to hack on the other one, all the while thinking to my extremely uncoordinated self, you know, your probably gona cut yourself. So of course I did, I sliced opened the back of my hand. I spent 3 hours in the ER got some stitches and now I am SUPER looking forward to the drive back to Ohio today to get the rest of my stuff, yes, ALL of my HEAVY furniture... YEY!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Im COMPLETELY uninspired!! Its not that there hasnt been anything happening lately, its just stuff thats so involved that Im not ready to write about it yet. I even have some funny stories from being back at work that I can manage to put into words. Give me another week guys!! Ill be back, I hope....

Hope All is well!!!