Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 10 things I will not miss about Africa

  1. The complete and total ban on alcohol worth drinking. 9 months without a Ciroc and diet tonic is almost too much to bear!!!!
  2. The lack of sidewalks. If I see one more piece of gravel EVER Im going to lose it.
  3. Sweating through my underwear in 5 minutes flat at 6 am. There’s hot, then there’s just flipping ridiculous. Djibouti falls into the flipping ridiculous category... hands down
  4. The smell... As my boss once described it... Its like someone wrapped dog poo in hair and set it on fire, yes, its just like that.
  5. The male to female ratio... NO, I don’t appreciate the constant LEERING.
  6. The lack of radio stations... I miss my annoying morning radio shows terribly, and who knew that I am so attached to my AM talk radio (sad, and dorky, but soooooo true)
  7. The mud that falls from the sky when it “RAINS” here. It doesn’t RAIN in Djibouti, it MUDS, and its GROSS, then it turns into this nasty gooey stuff that sticks to your shoes FOREVER.
  8. The brown-ness, this place crushes the horsie part of my soul, as I haven’t seen one blade of grass let alone a pasture since I’ve been here. A place without pastures is NO PLACE FOR THIS CHICK!!!
  9. Bottled water... I’ve probably had 10-12 bottles of water a day since I’ve been here, so over a 9 month period I have thrown away about 2700 plastic bottles... Multiply that by the 2500 people who are stationed here and thats 6,750,000 water bottles AKA... TOO DAMN MANY!!!!!!!
  10. Being surrounded by the people I HAVE to be, instead of the people I WANT to be.

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Heidi Renée said...

That water bottle stat is horrifying.