Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deployment Goals

Well, I guess I should update everyone on the status of the deployment goals I set wayyyyy back before I left. Here they are...

1. Lose 25 lbs (weight loss makes me cranky, so keep my coworkers in your prayers!! hee hee) - Update, I have lost a total of 22lbs, and I have never felt better, so I consider this goal COMPLETED!!!!

2. Swim 2 days a week (every cross their fingers and hope I dont drownd)- I was doing this for a while, then they closed the pool because it was so over chlorinated it was UNSAFE... So glad I swam almost everyday prior to that :-(

3. Do yoga 5 days a week (must find center while in high stress environment)- SCREW YOGA!!!! I CROSSFIT!!! goal completed, I dont like yoga anymore :-)

4. Beable to do 100 push ups in a row (not any of those stupid girly ones either)- FAIL!!!!! new goal is 40 chest to floor pushups in a row... Up to 13 right now.

5. Beable to do 200 situps in a row (say it with me..6 pack, and I dont mean of blue moon)- I havent tried this because I have changed up my workout routine, but I am sure I could do it if I tried. And the 6 pack is well on its way... COMPLETE

6. Run 15 miles on my long day - NO more long days for me... Bad tootsies (I will be posting about this soon)

7. Blog at least twice a week - Didnt always do this, but I'm back at it now

8. Pay off all of my debt - This didnt happen, but I am happy to report that my husband is now debt free

9. Save enough for all my bills for 6 months - Not even close!!!

10. Learn about the Steelers so I can wow my honey with all of my football knowledge for next season - I decided to toss this goal cause it was dumb and not worth my time

11. Plan out my garden for spring 2011 by reading about what grows well up here in the North Pole - No more moving to Ohio for me... Tossed this goal out the window with the steelers goal.

12. Get fully qualified on all available watch stations - Complete

13. Get my EXW qual (work stuff) - Complete!!

14. Get accepted to OUE for fall 2010 (I hope all of my random 100 year old credits transfer) - Not gona happen since I reenlisted

Well there we have it, I did not complete all of my deployment goals, but I accomplished some things that werent even on the list, so I consider it a pretty productive 9 months :-)


K13 said...

You reenlisted??!?!?! You just told me the other day that you were retiring...what happened?

Erin said...

Wow! You accomplished so much! Congrats!

rxBambi said...

great job on completing those goals, and don't sweat about the ones you threw out. Part of growing is knowing what not to waste time on... don'tcha think?

Katie said...

I would just like to state for the record that having a wealth of information about the Pittsburgh Steelers is not dumb or useless... knowing about one the BEST football teams to ever exist is ALWAYS a good thing... right up there with knowing about the Penn State Nittany Lions... I'm just sayin'..... :)